Did a Burner buy this $500,000,000 private jet?

Worlds Most Expensive Private Jet Burner Air

Nobody knows for sure who bought the most expensive private jet in the history of the world, but we are hoping he or she makes a trip to Burning Man this year. Landing that winged palace on the playa would be a feat of epic proportions.

"VIP" configured airliners are heavy jets that usually seat 300+ passengers, configured for about 30 guests.  There are only a handful of these jets around the world, and are very hard to come by. This is the only VIP configured Boeing 747-8.  

With 4,786 sq. ft. of living space, this ambitious - and very confidential - owner spends his or her flight hours relaxing in a variety of lounges, catching some zzz's in a stateroom, cranking it out in an office and eating gourmet meals in a massive dining room.

Check out all the pictures, courtesy of Greenpoint Technologies:

The TVs get an upgrade on this private jet via Burner Air
Just a lounge via Burner Air
Guest bedroom number one via Burner Air
National Geographic at 30000 feet via Burner Air
Guest Bedroom Number Two via Burner Air
If you need to catch up on some email mid flight via Burner Air
Deals get closed in this conference room via Burner Air
Have a few friends over the Atlantic for dinner via Burner Air
I will just wait here in the hallway via Burner Air