How much do flights cost?

The Fare Schedule for 2015 Burning Man can be found on our pricing page


Which airports do you fly from?

We fly directly to Black Rock City Airport (Burning Man) from private airports located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Reno.  We also fly from Black Rock City to LA, SF and Reno.


How long are flights?

The approximate flight times are below:

LA-BRC:    2 Hours

SF-BRC:    1.5 Hours

Reno-BRC:  30 Minutes


How many passengers per plane?

It depends on the aircraft. Below are the planes we typically fly from each city:

Los Angeles:        Pilatus PC-12, 8 Passengers

San Francisco:      Cessna Caravan, 8-12 Passengers

Reno:               Cessna 206, 4-5 Passengers


Is my flight or ticket refundable?

All Burner Air flights and tickets are non-refundable.


Is my ticket transferable?

Yes. There is a $100 change fee (per person, per change) to transfer your ticket to someone else. Changes are subject to flight availability. Weight restrictions and additional fees may apply.


Can I change my flight after I book?

Yes, there is a $100 change fee (per person, per change) to change your flight time after booking. Changes are subject to flight availability. Weight restrictions and additional fees may apply.


What happens if there are weather delays?

Weather can be unpredictable and fierce on the playa. We do our best to accommodate our passengers and always try to find a way to get you there. Burner Air is not responsible for weather related delays or cancellations.


What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

We have never cancelled a flight and always communicate delays as soon as we are aware of any change in flight status. Burner Air is not responsible for weather related delays or cancellations and there are no refunds for cancelled or delayed flights. If you experience a cancelled flight, you will receive a Burner Air flight credit valid for one year from the date of the cancelled flight.


What documentations is required?

The following items are REQUIRED to board your Burner Air flight to Burning Man:

    · Government-issued ID

    · Valid Burning Man 2015 Ticket

    · $40 CASH – Burning Man Landing Fee

Double, Triple, QUADRUPLE check your stuff to make sure you have all of your documents!


How much luggage am I allowed to bring with me?

Each passenger may bring two 25-pound bags. Bags must be no larger than a standard carryon bag: 24 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches.

If you need to bring additional luggage, supplies or oversize items, your best bet is to book an entire aircraft and use the additional space and weight capacity to haul your stuff.


Are there any restricted items?

All Burning Man restricted items are banned from your flight. You can find a list of restricted items here.


Where do we land at Burning Man?

All passengers land at Black Rock City Airport (88NV), a temporary “dirt strip” airport that is constructed only for use during Burning Man.


How do I get from Black Rock City Airport to my camp?

BRC Airport is over a mile away from most camp sites. There are usually mutant vehicles gifting rides to arriving passengers, but the safest bet is to arrange to have someone from your camp pick you up at your scheduled arrival time. You will want to arrange this prior to arriving at Burning Man as mobile phones will not work at the event itself.


Who is flying my plane?

Our pilots are experienced ex-military and/or airline transport pilots with extensive experience in mountain, desert and backcountry operations.


How are the aircraft maintained?

We use only the best aircraft provided by our charter partners. These aircraft are safe and meticulously maintained to the highest standard possible in accordance with FAA part 135 regulations.


Can I get a discount on my flight?

Sure! Join the Burner Air Referral Program to get unlimited $100 discounts on Burner Air flights to Burning Man.


How can I get a free flight?

The Burner Air Referral Program rewards our most valuable customers with unlimited $100 discounts. For each friend you refer that books a flight with Burner Air, you will receive a $100 credit towards your flight to Burning Man. For instance, if you refer 6 friends that book with us (6 x $100 = $600), you will receive a free one-way flight from Reno to Black Rock City Airport. Alternatively, you can use this discount on our premium flights from LA or SF.

Remember that your friends benefit too! All friends referred by a Burner Air customer will receive $50 off their flight.